Collateral Management

collateral-managementCollateral Management (CMA) Consultation on all aspects of Collateral Management Services related to participants involved.

This includes full Survey of intended site for storage of the collateral, checking the ownership of the premises, checking the security of the premises from a physical point of view as well as presence of security personnel on site.

Our survey will also review the Transportation and Handling facilities available at each site  the ability to measure (weight) goods, particularly when goods are transported in bulk, including location of Truck/Rail Weighbridges and any other Weighing Facilities that may be present.

In addition we undertake research with owners of the facilities, ensuring that proper Insurance cover is in place, premiums have been paid and duration of the cover.

Our survey involves checking the accuracy of the Weighing facilities ensuring that each facility has a current Calibration Certificate issued by the National or Local Weights and Measures Authorities.

Similarly, we research the presence of current Health and Safety Certificate including Certificate issued by the Fire Authority.

The findings of our Survey are contained in a formal Written Report together with a Pictorial Report which is submitted to our Clients following the conclusion of the Survey.